Speakers Bureau

SwAEBR was formed with the specific mission of developing and implementing a strong proactive campaign to educate school children, as well as the general public, in the vital role biomedical research plays in their everyday lives. SwAEBR disseminates information to improve the public's understanding of how responsible research has led to significantly improved health care for man and his animal companions.

The progress of biomedical research is threatened by the growing scientific illiteracy of the public and, in particular, our young people. Opinion polls have shown that most adults do not understand the process of bringing basic research into applications that directly benefit their health and well-being.

Education of the general public, our young people and their teachers is of vital importance to the future of science and biomedical research. At all levels of society, the facts concerning the process of medical discovery must be instilled. Without exposure to the truth concerning research, many of our next generation will be deceived into believing that biomedical research is unnecessary.


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Veterinary Medicine

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