SENIORS - Living Proof Project


You have a special story to share.
In your lifetime, you have benefited from incredible medical advances.
You are Living Proof that medical research touches us all.
The Living Proof project would like to hear how advances in medical science have changed your life.

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Living Proof at PO Box 360
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Arizonans: In their own words...

Seniors are Living Proof of the impact medical research has made in our lives.

Living Proof is a national public awareness campaign designed to build understanding of and support for medical research nationwide. The project is directed by States United for Biomedical Research - a national coalition representing over 500 research institutions, medical schools, hospitals, voluntary health associations and businesses.

Living Proof will gather stories from senior citizens - patients, health care advocates, scientists, physicians and others - nationwide and use these stories to help inform others about the importance of medical research in our lives.  The national educational campaign will create a series of articles based upon these stories, incorporating exciting news about ongoing and historic medical research.  In addition to these media publications, the project will create an ongoing electronic and print archive of this important historical record.

Many national figures are helping the Living Proof project to succeed.  These prominent individuals are telling their own stories, and helping us reach out to others nationwide through the media.

There is no cost to participate and no one will ever contact you to donate, purchase or otherwise engage in any financial transaction as a result of your participation. States United for Biomedical Research and the Living Proof project are not-for-profit educational organizations.

Living Proof:
 a 21-minute video about the benefits of animal-based medical research
We invite you to download the video at 

About the Video

Living Proof: Faces of Research is a 21-minute video about the benefits of animal-based medical research with a particular focus on the medical benefits for those age 55 and older. Created by the North Carolina Association for Biomedical Research with funding from the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) Foundation, this video teaching tool is intended for use with middle and high school students as well as general public audiences.

An accompanying Discussion Guide geared for general public audiences and a Teacher Resources packet with lesson plans and activities for middle and high school students are available for use with the video.

We invite you to:

Download the video here. This file is large (109 MB) and may take additional time to download. For optimal viewing, right-click on the link and save this video file to your computer. Viewing this video from a file saved to your computer will prevent interruptions that can result when viewing videos directly from the Internet.

For information about purchasing copies of the Living Proof: Faces of Research DVD, please contact NCABR at 919.785.1304 ext. 207, or e-mail