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Humans and animals are "PARTNERS IN RESEARCH" in this videotape which has interviews with medical researchers, physicians and patients who reveal their thoughts about medical research and the role played by animals. Topics included are medical advances in cystic fibrosis, arthritis and pediatric diseases.  (13 minutes)

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"PAWS" is a videotape to help youngsters understand responsible animal research. It is intended to be shown at the beginning of a science project unit to explain the excitement of discovery resulting from good research projects, and to illustrate steps responsible scientists (including middle school students) take when they conduct research. Perhaps most important of all, it provides an ethical context for discussing an extremely volatile issue: animal research and animal rights.  (14 minutes)  See Curriculum Guide for "Paws" Video

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Symbiosis: People and Animals Helping Each Other"

"Symbiosis:  People and Animals Helping Each Other" this video shows the beneficial relationship between man and animals.  Included are personal stories from the perspective of 4H students, guide dog handlers, veterinarians and pet owners. (11 minutes)

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Why Should I Stay Awake in Science Class

"Why Should I Stay Awake in Science Class" -Produced by the Foundation for Biomedical Research, this DVD is an adjunct learning tool designed by educators and leading scientists to help students better understand the opportunities available in the sciences. It encourages students to consider a career in science by showing them exciting work done in the field. (10 minutes)  Comes with an activity booklet and wall poster.