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Membership Information 

Institutional membership is open to any organization which supports the purposes of the Association, and is involved in at least one of the following endeavors:

  • the conduct of biomedical research, education or testing;

  • the conduct of other scientific research or education, or

  • the promotion of human or animal health.

Institutions may be admitted to the Association by a vote of a majority of the board of directors and upon payment of the financial contribution as established by the board of directors.  Each member institution is allowed one official representative and one vote.

Individuals may support the Association through honorary membership known as Friends of SwAEBR.  Friends are not required to pay dues or entitled to vote, but do have access to all services and programs sponsored by the Association. 

Wish to become a Friends of SwAEBR?

What SwAEBR Provides?

  • Speakers Bureau for classrooms & organization presentations

  • Resource List includes a variety of educational materials (K-12 and above)

  • Research Focus: updates on research

  • Essay Contest for high school students to win a paid summer internship

  • Science Fair Assistance & website links

How Can You Help?

Provide financial support - For general support, production of educational resources and sponsorship of the summer research internship program

  • $50 sponsors a game for a class

  • $100 thanks teachers for getting their students involved in the essay contest

  • $500 sponsors awards for one of the regional science fairs

  • $1200 sponsors a student in the summer internship program

Serve on our speakers bureau - Speakers are requested for classroom and organization presentations. These opportunities educate the public of the purpose, process and remarkable health benefits that basic biomedical research holds for man and animals.

How Will Your Company Benefit?

  • Your website will be linked through our actively viewed webpage

  • Satisfaction of promoting an environment in which science & responsible research can flourish

  • Your company directly affects the workforce of tomorrow by enhancing their interest in science and technology

 Become a Friend of SwAEBR

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