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On-Line Resources on Animal Research Issues
Recommended Starting Points

Americans for Medical Progress Educational Foundation - The mission of Americans for Medical Progress is to ensure that the public supports the vital role of animals in medical research, and that scientists are able to continue their quest for cures and improved methods of treatment for illness, injury and disease.

Be sure to check out the
Fact Sheets area to download electronic versions of all of AMPEF's materials, a bibliography of research-related news articles, and a list of recent advances based on animal research. There are also links to frequently asked questions, a timeline of animal research in history, and a list of links to other organizations.

American Physiological Society - Animals in Research and Education - The American Physiological Society is devoted to fostering scientific research, education, and the dissemination of scientific information. By providing a spectrum of physiological information, the Society strives to play a role in the progress of science, and the advancement of knowledge. Questions People Ask About Animals in Research in the Public Affairs section is particularly helpful.

Animal Care - Animal Care is an organization that provides leadership in establishing acceptable standards of humane animal care and treatment and to monitor and achieve compliance with the Animal Welfare Act through inspections, education, and cooperative efforts. Download the Animal Welfare Act or other documents related to animal care from their website.

Foundation for Biomedical Research - The Foundation for Biomedical Research (FBR) is the nation's oldest and largest organization dedicated to improving human and animal health by promoting public understanding and support for the humane and responsible use of animals in medical and scientific research. Several useful publications are available as pdf files, including:

Kids 4 Research - This web site provides information to students, teachers, and parents on responsible laboratory animal care and use in biomedical/biological research, testing, and education. The site also provides information on the benefits of such research to animals, humans, and the environment.

National Association for Biomedical Research – The Lab Animal Issues section offers several pdf files that summarize the following:

The humane care and treatment of laboratory animals
The regulation of biomedical research involving laboratory animals
The use of animals in product safety testing

NCABR, our North Carolina affiliate, provides helpful information about the Care and Use of Animals in Research, in their excerpt from their Rx for Science Literacy teacher manual.

RDS - Understanding Animal Research in Medicine
This site provides information about medical advances resulting from animal research, as well as areas where treatments are emerging. Another section contrasts "animal rights myths" with facts about animal research. Their latest publication,
Understanding Biomedical Research: The Hope, the Challenge, the People, is available as a pdf file.

Science, Medicine, and Animals: National Research Council of the National Academies
This colorful and comprehensive booklet, which is targeted towards secondary science students, is available online from the National Academies.

States United for Biomedical Research:
SUBR is a network of nonprofit associations who have joined forces to promote health through science and education. Our purpose is to promote public understanding and increase appreciation of the value of biomedical research, including the humane care and use of research animals. Network members represent hospitals, healthcare systems, universities, voluntary health organizations, professional associations, and other members of the research community.


Other useful sites:

American Association for Laboratory Animal Science - AALAS
American Liver Society
Americans for Medical Progress - AMP
Arizona Science Teachers Association
California Association for Biomedical Research - CBRA
Connecticut United for Research Excellence - CURE
Foundation for Biomedical Research - FBR
Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology - FASEB
Institute of Laboratory Animal Resources  - ILAR
Massachusetts Society for Medical Research - MSMR
Michigan Society for Medical Research - MISMR
National Academy of Science - NAS
National Animal Interest Alliance - NAIA
National Association for Biomedical Research - NABR
New Jersey Association for Biomedical Research - NJABR
North Carolina Association for Biomedical Research - NCABR
Northwest Association for Biomedical Research -NWABR
Ohio Scientific Education & Research Association - OSERA
Pennsylvania Society for Biomedical Research - PSBR
Public Responsibility in Medicine & Research - PRIM&R
Research Defence Society
States United for Biomedical Research
Texas Society for Biomedical Research
Wisconsin Association for Biomedical Research

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