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Living Proof Project


Dear Educator:

On behalf of States United for Biomedical Research, we are writing to ask you and your students to participate in The Living Proof Project, an exciting new web-based intergenerational awareness campaign designed to build understanding of the people, the process and the promise of biomedical research. Through compelling personal stories, Living Proof presents a vibrant history of the impact biomedical research has made in our lives.

Developed by States United for Biomedical Research (SUBR) Living Proof presents stories of hope and possibility from every perspective--patient, family member, neighbor, scientist, physician and friend.

Attached, you will find a PDF file of a lesson plan for 7th and 8th graders in which we (a) introduce the concept of Living Proof and (b) provide the basic materials for a meaningful exploration of the biomedical issues that each of us inevitably faces. In our experience, an academic investigation into diseases and treatments is so much more meaningful when it has been preceded by an in-person interview with someone who has dealt with--or is dealing with--diseases ranging from arthritis, asthma and cancer to diabetes, leukemia, and ulcers.

We hope you will join teachers and students across America who are contributing important stories to The Living Proof project. Stories will be posted on our internet site, www.living-proof.us, and photos of the interviewers and the interviewees are encouraged!

Please send stories and photos to:

Living Proof
P.O. Box 360
Milwaukee, WI 53201-0360


 Living Proof is a program of States United for Biomedical Research (SUBR):
Tel: 919-785-1304

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Transmitting the benefits of biomedical research
from one generation to another

  Living Proof is a program of States United for Biomedical Research

www.statesforbiomed.org - tel: 9191-785-1304

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